Christmas and toys

Every year, the most expected visitor wears his red suit and with his white beard scatters the joy, the love, and the coveted gifts to the children! And how do we have to deal with “I want” of our children who are zealously preparing lists of desired toys?

During this great celebration such as Christmas, where gifts are “dropped” from the sky, it is worthwhile that the parents should know how to better manage the wishes of their children.

What toys to bring? We take into account the growth, but also personal interests.

Every Christmas, parents are troubled. “Everybody has this one, and what to buy this year?”, “Will they like that?” “This age is difficult, you never know what they want.”

You don’t know which one temptation to surrender and what to invest to make the best best choice. The most important thing is to consider each child separately, since everyone has their own level of development in one or another area, and I refer in particular to speech, mobility, socialization skills, as well as personal interests, if he/she likes more painting, cars or books.

Open their eyes to the amazing things, to the awesome experiences of life with you.

How much do we change toys?

It is good to know that toys should be changed during the year and not only once a year, since children are developing very quickly, and their stimuli, always depending on their environment and growth, are constantly multiplying. The good toy is those you have chosen, since you know your child very well and, of course, you have thought about what he/she likes specially, you have taken into account the conditions where the child lives, as well as the needs and desires.

A good toy attracts the child’s attention a long time, because it can keep the child’s interest undisturbed for quite some time. It is simple and lets the child be the key person while playing with the toy. Complex toys and those that are more advanced in comparison with the age of the child are in danger of making them feel bad and may form the image that they are not able to cope with it, since most of the time they cannot realize what this toy is aimed to.

Everything in moderation.

Generally speaking, everything needs to be done in moderation for you to be able to return to your habits after the holidays, but also to give the right messages as parents to your children. Try as a tactic to reduce the material goods as when giving a lot and often, the children learn to constantly seek material reward without distinguishing the simple and less profitable gestures from those around them.


Give as much as you can experience and not always material goods to your child. What your child is looking for, while he/she is so small, is your time. This will make your child happy and full of life. Go for a walk, chatting and learning, watch a theatrical performance, cinema, sport event, make candies, sing. Show him/her things, enrich his/her world, give your child the opportunity to see and feel nice things with his loved ones alongside.